IFTTT Compatibility With Connected Home Accessories Announced

Skylink, a provider of connected home safety solutions, announced its compatibility with IFTTT (If This Then That).

The new feature allows homeowners to connect the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit to other industry leading connected home accessories including Amazon Echo, Nest® Cam™, WeMo®, and Phillips Hue. Read more

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SmartHome Interview – Skylink

Skylink has over 25 years of experience in the wireless technology and home automation industry. Our product lines include wireless security systems, garage door openers, as well as, lighting and home automation devices. SkylinkNet is the latest product line from Skylink, allowing users to control their homes through a smartphone app. Homeowners can manage SkylinkNet sensors, controlling lights to arming and disarming their security system from anywhere in the world. Read more

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Dedicated and proprietary security system offering expandability and personal control

My current and previous homes had wired alarm systems built into them. The problem with the old wired systems was that there was no ability to remotely control them and no way to remotely see what was happening when an alarm went off, much less automatically capture video. An alarm going off required a manual check and resulted in more than one false alarm reported to the local police. So having the ability to personally control and monitor a system is a must for me.

The Skylink SK-200 is a dedicated security system starter kit. It is a proprietary system rather than an open system which means that all the added peripherals will need to be Skylink. This actually makes it easier for many people to install since there is no conflict between different system protocols. One app will connect all the components of the system which has a huge amount of expandability. Read more

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Super simple, Set Up

This system’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. I’ve never set up a home security system before. All the parts involved in setting this one up looked a little daunting, at least in terms of time. But I was seriously impressed with how easy it really is. Setting the whole thing up took about 40 minutes, including placing all the sensors. Of course there is always fine tuning on a system like this that might go out for a few days or weeks until it’s just perfect for you, and the app to control it may take a few days to completely master, but the total time from unboxing to having a working system really is in the 30-45 minute range. Read more

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Excellent Gun Cabinet Security

One positive thing that really jumped out at me compared to other remote application controlled security systems is that Skylink is apparently constantly working to improve the User Interface and Functionality of the phone software. This is not the usual run of things – in fact, prior security systems seem to rely on third-party software, which always struck me as odd (but common). The app as listed on the Google Play Store is “SkylinkNet” by Skylinkhome. Being a regular reviewer of Android app security myself, the application is safe and legit in every way to download and install. Yes, I inspected the code modules as well. Read more

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Full review and instructions on silent operation

Living in an apartment in a converted industrial building that has thick steel doors and iron factory windows, I’m not too concerned about external threats when it comes to security. That said, I did feel just a little bit more secure in my last apartment which already had a Sievers security system when I moved in. When Skylink asked if I would like to test and review their smart home alert system, I decided to give it a shot promising only my honest opinion in return. Read more

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